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This is the limited edition vinyl double LP. FUTURITY is the studio recording of all songs from our Civil War sci-fi musical.

LP 1: Arkansas, Don't Wait, The Meaning or The Medium, No More War, Cumberland Gap, Steam Brain, Sinner's Land, Made Out of Wood, and Thinking

LP 2: Blacklick Creek, Don't Wait (Reprise), Still Walking, Ada, How Much, The Machine That Creates Peace, Gravestones, and Socrates
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Movies_Cover_Small.jpg Are We At the Movies?
Our 3rd CD is both calming to babies and thought provoking. It will make you smarter.

1. Dreamhouse
2. Wear and Tear
3. Are We at the Movies?
4. Diamonds
5. Singularity
6. Pepper Spray
7. Try
8. Psychological Health
9. Typewriter Girl
10. Mimi
11. The Saddest Girl in The World
12. Pills

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countrycoversmall Country Doctor Museum
The Lisps' Debut full-length!!! Released in 2008 before we were riddled with self doubt. Full of bizarre interludes and binaural oddities..

1 Brackish Water
2 Chaos
3 Heaven
4 The Familiar Drunk
5 Piety
6 Documents
7 Depravity
8 Destiny
9 Compromise
10 Ann Marie
11 I'm Sorry
12 The Gift
13 Red Balloon

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futurity_shirt_silver.jpg FUTURITY T-Shirt
Our new shirts are heather green with a gray purple ink. We have S/M/L and a few XS and XL. They are all a standard T-Shirt cut and they are beautiful! also Limited Edition hand-screened lisps shirts (pictured). American apparel. In Lemon and Silver (Limited in Pink and Baby Blue) You might want to email for availability. Girls - S, L (No Girls Medium!) Boys - S, M (no boys Large!)
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Lisps_shirt_lemon.jpg Lisps T-Shirt
Limited Edition hand-screened lisps shirts. American apparel S, M, L. In Lemon, Silver, Heather Gray and Primary Red.

Girl and Boy cuts. Limited availability. You might want to email before ordering
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new_tote.jpg FUTURITY Canvas Tote Bag
Canvas Natural Tote with Green Ink
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lisps_tote_purple.jpg The Lisps Canvas Tote Bag
Available in Turquoise, Green, Purple, Pink, Gold, and Red
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Vaincover The Vain, The Modest, and The Dead (SOLD OUT)
The Lisps Debut EP is out of print and no longer for sale. We have a few copies left but we're keeping them for our grandkids. Released in 2006

1 Pepper Spray
2 The Winter That I Missed
3 Machine
4 Sidewalk Girls
5 Chaos (live)

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Get your copy autographed!
Add $20 to your order and all 4 members of The Lisps will sign your CD or LP. Let us know if you want a dedication. Ebay that s@%T! (This might slightly delay your order...but it will be worth it!!!!)
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